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  Shooters of the Casti Iron Shore
Frank & Jesse James

We should start with an explanation of our name, we are indeed shooters, dedicated to Cowboy Action Shooting, The Cast Iron Shore is a stretch of the river Mersey around south Liverpool docks where there used to be an iron foundry, and hence the name. Now we are going to add confusion! We shoot at Aintree Pistol Club, which is not in Aintree, but just slightly North of Liverpool city centre, in Kirkdale territory!

You can contact us through the Email link below.

We are currently holding informal competitions once a month on a Thursday evening. Although these are competitions, they are also an excellent vehicle for learning the various shooting techniques that are needed in Cowboy Action Shooting. You get to see what equipment works, and what doesn't, what techniques are good and what are bad, all while you are enjoying yourself.

Contact Us: Arkansas Tom Jones

Frank & Jesse James
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