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No it’s not the fetish page!!! In all seriousness, in the days of yore leather was a cheap and plentiful and very durable material that quite often outlasted the owners! You will find that a lot of the “old dead guys” knew a little about working with leather because quite often they would have to make their own equipment or repair the stuff that they had bought. There are not many stores out on the prairie!!


Personal choice and the depth of your wallet will have a major influence on which holster(s) you buy, the character you are portraying should also guide you in your choice. If your character is a river boat gambler you really don’t want to carry your guns like Jeremiah Johnson!

There are leather workers out there who will make any style of holster to fit whatever revolver you have, both here in England and in America. As with everything you pays ya money...! You can pay from £5 up to $300 for a holster, with no belt, some of them are works of art that easily justify the price that you pay for them. Have a browse through the Links page, you will find something there that will appeal to you and your wallet.

Cartridge Belts

Have you ever tried to reload a rifle or shotgun with loose ammo from your pocket? What a pain in the...!

So, you might need to reload your rifle, and your shotgun! That makes three belts, don’t forget the one for your holsters! Or you can have one! You can buy “combination” belts that will hang your holster the right way and also carry rifle and shotgun ammo perfectly orientated for the speediest of reloads, they even have loops that will hold two shotgun cartridges side by side to speed up the reload, what more could you ask for! Well, if you want to be authentic you’ll end up with at least two belts, a gun belt and a cartridge belt. For the purposes of these competitions it doesn’t matter how many you have, if any, “whatever lights your candle”!


There wasn’t much that they didn’t make from leather in them olden days, now you can get modern reproductions of most things, leather cuffs, suspenders (the type that hold your pants up!), chaps and even clothes and hats. All available to fit with your persona.

Annie Rogers
  Annie Rogers
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