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  John Wesley Hardin
We Are Affiliated to the Single Action Shooting Society


Welcome to the home page of the Shooters of The Cast Iron Shore. We are dedicated to the sport of Cowboy Action shooting. With these few pages we have set out to give you a reasonable understanding of what is entailed in this most enjoyable shooting sport, who we are and what we do. We do not pretend to be the foremost experts on this sport, and these pages are not meant to be the definitive treatise on the sport, what we have set out to do is tell you a little about ourselves and our sport.

One of the major attractions to CAS is that we have a level playing field, there is no "arms race", everyone is resricted to what was available in the nineteenth century, there is no "winner is the one with the most money"!

You will also find a camraderie not found in any other sport, we are all in it to enjoy ourselves, first and foremost and if we can help you along the trail we will only be too happy to do so, and you'll find this attitude wherever you go in this country to take part in CAS. You will find the old hands sharing their "secrets" with the greenhorn, the dedicated competitor with the fun shooter, there are no boundaries, only a collective will to enjoy.

We look forward to seeing you on the trail.

Arkansas Tom Jones        Texas John Alden
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Harvey Logan                   Peacemaker
Snake Eyes

  John Wesley Hardin
John Coffee Hays
    John Coffee Hays

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